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A brand new tool to help organisations support employees through their menopause journey

Research reveals the real impact of menopause on business and the bottom line. Let's work together to close the gap in support of working women in menopause transition.

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As an experienced GP and menopause specialist, I have lost count of the number of women who say that they feel unsupported and unseen by their employers during the menopausal years. Menopause is a natural part of the ageing process which affects 50% of the workforce. But a lack of awareness and appropriate support means that a significant number of women leave work, downshift their careers or turn down promotion. For women themselves, the many symptoms of the menopause can make this an extremely difficult time to navigate.

Let's work together to transform the menopause journey for both employee and employer by:

Giving women personalised, evidence-based information and guidance about their menopause transition.

Supporting employers to raise awareness and make simple changes to support female colleagues during the menopause.

I loved using Me & My Menopause. It gave me so much practical advice, all of it personalised to my specific situation. It's really helped me understand what's going on in my body and given me the confidence to ask the right questions of my GP, especially about HRT. I loved the “fast facts” - I learned loads without having to wade through heaps of information that wasn't relevant to me. I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues and friends.

Sam, N Yorks

Me & My Menopause is an invaluable tool. The advice, tips and signposting empowers women to take control of their journey and, as a business, helps us to understand the simple adjustments we can make to support women to be their best selves.

Claire, W Yorks

Me & My Menopause Benefits

For Your Employees

Personalised Advice

Our unique algorithm reads each user's responses to the Me & My Menopause journey to provide an individualised, simple and tailored summary with a downloadable personalised action plan.

Actionable Outputs

Our tool helps each user to navigate where she is in her menopause journey and provides practical and accessible suggestions to help manage symptoms and other potential impacts of this at work and at home.

Time-Efficient Solutions

Your employees don't have to waste time wading through lots of irrelevant information to find what they are they are looking for. Our Me & My Menopause journey delivers relevant content directly to the user.

Clarity & Confidence

Having access to advice which is based on current best practice guidance and written by Menopause Specialist doctors, puts women in the driving seat for their own menopause journey.

Better Support

Women tell us that better understanding of their menopause symptoms helps them to feel empowered to have open conversations about the real impact of these in the workplace.

For You - The Employer

Supports Equality and Diversity

Providing access to Me & My Menopause will give your female colleagues an open source of practical advice and support and show that you are committed to supporting female colleagues at every stage of their career.

Improved Performance

The information provided in Me & My Menopause empowers women to proactively manage their symptoms and make positive adjustments which will help them to continue to remain productive in your business.

Colleague Retention

Ensuring that your female employees have access to personalised information and support will reduce the impact of menopause-related absence and improve retention.

Resources For Everyone

Me & My Menopause also has a range of resources to support male colleagues to understand and support female colleagues, family and friends so the whole business benefits.

Me & My Menopause is


No personal data is collected or stored.


Option to brand and include information exclusive to your organisation.


Information for ethnically diverse, transgender and neurodiverse colleagues.

Time Conscious

The digital journey can be completed in just minutes and revisited at any time.


The evidence-based advice provides colleagues with practical tips and resources which really do work.

Specialist Advice

Colleagues get access to content created by specialist Menopause Specialist doctors in line with the latest research from medical bodies.


Me & My Menopause takes complex and sometimes overwhelming advice and offers colleagues easy to digest personalised information.

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